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With over 25 years of top tier customer oriented experience we provide the best transportation service in NE Florida and soon Atlanta Georgia.

We address our offer to all who want to travel in luxurious conditions. Our party bus is at the top of its class with 100% custom seating and amenities. With our guest in mind, safety and comfort comes first.

  • Professionally Trained Chauffeurs
  • 24/7 Full-Service Transportation
  • Global network of Transportation Partners

Our Story

Gold Eagle Luxury Transportation LLC, based in North Florida, is a licensed and insured luxury transportation company (party bus). The Gold Eagle Luxury Transportation LLC idea was born out of the understanding that travelers deserve a smooth, safe trip to their destination with a sense of luxury and lots of fun.

We believe that time is precious, and no one should have to spend an extra second of their special moment driving through traffic or dealing with stress during what could be the greatest memory of their life. We have personally experienced this and decided that enough is enough. It is time for us to provide what we want to our community by offering private, luxury, and discreet experiences for your wedding anniversary, weekend getaway to Orlando or Miami, your daughters sweet 16, corporate meetings, or special events.

To realize our goals, we analyzed the critical problems our customers are facing without our service. After understanding it, we spent tons of time and dollars assembling innovative resources and a new executive party bus to achieve our goals; this type of bus is spacious, convenient, and will allow you to experience comfort as if you are in a luxury car, a high-end cigar bar, and a secluded invite only weekend. Luxury on wheels is what we call it, with a twist of party, party, party.

We also assembled a team of administrative and licensed driving experts to provide an excellent customer service experience. Our staff are some of the highest-paid in the industry with fantastic financial incentives to ensure that they are in the right mindset to deliver the outstanding customer service experience for which we are known.

Why Choose Us?

We offer an Elite Experience for an Exclusive clientele

Whether weekend trips to anywhere in Florida, wedding transportation, anniversaries, bachelor-bachelorette, prom, homecoming, birthdays, kid’s parties, airport transfers, luxury hotel travels, concerts, sporting events, and more, you deserve stress-free travel. When you’re a member of our family we will make sure that you have the opportunity to be completely satisfied while you look forward to having fun and doing what you love on the party bus.

We also understand how crucial closing business deals are to you. We want to help you win. Our luxury limousine bus will ensure a smooth ride. Walk into your meeting, wedding or award ceremony confident and inspired.

Our Mission

To make sure there is no other place, limousine, or party bus that you can visit and get the same experience. To provide outstanding customer service experiences to all current and potential clients leaving them with an unforgettable memory of ease, safety, and luxury.

Our Vision.

To redefine transportation and fun in Florida.
To share with our community an experience of luxury, privacy, fun, and pride.